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Welcome to Storybook Railroad. A podcast for parents, teachers, and everyone who loves the world of children's entertainment. Your hosts are Robin And The Giant. Robin MacBlane and Larry Whitler have worked together in broadcasting since 1990 interviewing thousands of authors, musicians, filmmakers, illustrators, etc. Heard on I-Heart Radio, Apple Music, Stitcher, Spotify, and Libsyn, Robin and Larry continue their radio legacy with Storybook Railroad.  We invite you to enjoy the ride!

All aboard!

Nov 16, 2018

A popular television physical fitness program has come to Randy and Max's elementary school. The children are all very excited about the program and about meeting the stars of the show, Galaxy and Jade. Randy is especially excited because he loves everything about sports and physical challenges. Max doesn't feel quite as excited as his friend because he is more interested in art. But when Galaxy has a heartfelt talk with Max about embracing his special talents, Max feels the much needed sense of acceptance he had been longing for.