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Welcome to Storybook Railroad. We hope you enjoy your journey as we travel down the tracks of our imaginations. Your hosts are Robin And The Giant. Together, along with Billy the Pigeon, we invite you to enjoy the ride as the Storybook Railroad takes us to places of fun, adventure, learning, and a little excitement. Thank you, again, for joining us! All aboard!

Apr 18, 2019

Shannon loved playing make-believe with her toy Pegasus that she named Shasta. Her imagination enabled Shannon to pretend to fly on the winged horse, play with the birds, and even chase away the evil hunters. But, in real life, Shannon's true dream was to own a horse of her own. A real horse. In this story, written by Robin MacBlane, every young girl's dream is expressed as Shannon and Shasta take us all on a beautiful trip filled with love and fantasy.